7 Things You Did Not Know About Sliema, Malta

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Coming on holiday to Malta? Looking for a hotel in Sliema where you can stay and explore this town? If so; we are sure you are going to enjoy this post we have for you

Today here at Palazzo Violetta, we are discussing 7 things you (probably) did not know about Sliema, which is a town in the central of Malta (and where our hotel is located).

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7 Things You Did Not Know About Sliema

It’s A Town Of “Peace” & “Comfort”

The name “Tas-Sliema” in Maltese means “of peace and comfort”.

This may be highly debatable nowadays seeing as Sliema has grown into one of the busiest regions on the island, but we assure you; if you are looking for peace and comfort, you will be able to find it along the long shoreline surrounded by sea and views of the neighbouring St Julian’s town and it’s high rise buildings.

A “Modern” Town With An Ancient History

Sliema is relatively a “modern town” but its roots go back hundreds of years.

According to historians, Sliema was the base of the Ottoman Empire when they were attacking Malta and it also played host to the end of the Great Siege Of Malta when Ottoman leader Dragut was killed in Sliema, securing victory for Malta & The Knights Of Malta

It Started Off As A Summer Residential Location

In the mid 19th century, Sliema started to form as we know it today by the wealthier residents of Valletta moving across the harbour for a more “peaceful living” during the summer time.

These villas can still be found in the old parts of Sliema with its splendour and beauty available for all to see and explore.

Sliema Is Home To Billionaires

According to Wikipedia, Sliema is also home to a one of the richest men in the world and that is multi-billionaire; Denis O’Brien which he himself lists Sliema as his home.

From the battles of the Great Siege to a playground for billionaires, it’s clear to see how much history and evolution Sliema has faced throughout the years.

9 Active English Schools Operating In Sliema

Malta is the ideal location to learn English for many foreign students but Sliema takes the crown in this sector with a staggering 9 english schools currently operating within this “small town”.

Sliema Is The Most Successful Team In Maltese Football

Maltese are crazy about their football (soccer), and if you are too; you’d be happy to know that Sliema team “Sliema Wanderers” are the most successful Maltese team ever; winning the Maltese Premiership a staggering 26 times and also competing (and advancing) in major European competitions.

Sliema Has 2 “Twin Towns” In England & France

For those that do not know the concept of  a “twin town”, it’s basically “a town which has established official or social links with another town, typically in a different country.”

Sliema has two of these which are:

  • Les Sables-d’Olonne in France and
  • Hartlepool in the United Kingdom.

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